EN590 PPM10 Jet A1

EN590 PPM10

EN 590  Gas Oil is a 10 ppm (parts per million) sulphur content gas oil. It has a higher cetane number than A2 Class Gas Oil (another 10ppm sulphur content class of red diesel), making it better suited to internal combustion engines in off-road vehicles.

So before you order your gas oil, it’s important that you ensure that your fuel supplier can supply you with the correct grade of fuel for your needs.


There are minimum and maximum values which the fuel must meet in order to be classed as EN 590 gas oil. The typical column lists values for these parameters, all of which lie within the specification limits and which can be expected for deliveries of this grade of fuel.

Other important parameters that this grade of gas oil needs to meet are the cold filter plugging point in winter and summer (the highest temperature at which point the oil will start to gel and cause filter blocking issues). Class A2 gas oil needs to stay fully mobile down to a maximum of -4°C (the typical plugging point is -8°C in summer) and -12°C in winter (typically A2 gas oil maintains full fluidity until -15°C).


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